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Nothing excites us more than giving our customers a 5-star support experience. If it’s not right, we’ll invest the time needed to make it right.

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Services We Provide


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Leverage technology to enable
your business.
Repair and troubleshooting for Mac, Windows, and mobile devices and their associated software and services.
Build a plan for the technology you need, so you know what devices to buy and what cloud services to use. Modernize legacy devices and services.
WiFi that works. Get the most out of your network with full bars and maximum speed and reliability for all your wired and wireless devices.
Secure your devices, accounts, and data. Untangle your password problems.
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  1. Chapel Hill, Durham, Hillsborough, Mebane, and surrounding areas of NC are the primary markets for on-site work.
  2. Remote work is available worldwide.
  1. $125 for the first hour for most locations in Orange County, NC.
  2. $50 for each additional half hour
  3. $50 for each half hour of remote consultation.
  1. Book an appointment on the schedule page or submit a request via email or web form.
  1. Email is preferred for all non-urgent communication (free)
  2. Call or text for urgent issues (charges may apply)
  3. Use scheduling tool to book an appointment 24x7

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